loose vagina facts

loose vagina facts

 loose vagina facts

vagina reproductive

The vagina is the female reproductive organs that changed drastically in size and shape at the time of stimulation and intercourse. Texture vaginal wall may create friction on the penis during intercourse seskual and stimulate ejaculation, which allows conception.

Relate sex 

Relate sex does not make loose vagina. Loose vagina occurs when a woman has several times given birth in normal circumstances. Often this question on a tangent by couples when consult a doctor.

Loose vagina caused muscle 

Loose vagina caused vaginal muscles have weakness. Weakness occurs when the minor has entered the age of menopause. There was also due to malnutrition due to lack of eating foods that contain fiber and protein so that the muscles of the vagina experiencing weakness.

Loose vagina 

Loose vagina  is a feeling in couples who are not confident after childbirth is normal. Before claiming THAT loose vagina should be checked beforehand. if found loose doctors can help by narrowing the vagina surgery.
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